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our Catery

Our Catery
These two Somali ladies became a very important part of our life and they are the foundation cats of Isatai Somalis.
Since we were very interested in the history and genetics of the Somali breed it didn't take long until we became aware of the Abyssinian cats - the breed from which the Somali cat was created - and we wanted to have one! So, in  Summer 2000, our first Abyssinian, a ruddy female from Denmark, moved into our home. One year later we started our Abyssinian breeding program.
It has always been important to us, that our Abyssinians and Somalis are kept as a separate breed. While the Somali breed can and occasionally should be bred to Abys in order to keep the gene pool varied and to improve type, the offspring of such a combination are - in our opionion - Shorthair Somalis and must only be used in a Somali breeding program! In November 2004 I decided to make a trip to Australia to visit some of my family members.  I took the occasion to visit some Abyssinian breeders there in hope to find some new and interesting blood lines.  I was lucky and we acquired our first stud, a ruddy Abyssinian.

We live - together with our cats and our dog - in a small house which is located in the western part of Hamburg close to the well known river "Elbe". Our home has a charming fenced garden much of the enjoyment of  our cats and dog alike. When we visited a cat show back in 1994 we got hooked on a Somali and so the desire was born to breed these beautiful cats. However, it took more than two years until the first Somali female finally moved into our home. Shortly after - and on my husband's demand - we also adopted her sister.

Once, they are at least 14 weeks of age, they will be ready to be adopted by their new caretakers who hopefully will provide them a wonderful new home for the rest of their life. Upon leaving, they will be fully vaccinated against panleukopenia and rhinotracheitis, microchipped and registered with an official association - the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).

All of our breeding cats are tested for PRA, PK deficiency, Feline Leukemia, FIV and screened for Patellar Luxation.

We hope that with our hobby and through our kittens we lay foundation for many new aficionados of this very special breed which is affectionate, intelligent, self-confident and will always be your devoted friend throughout their life!

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